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Master and Expert in IoT
of the University of Salamanca

The fact that the world is changing rapidly does not surprise us anymore. New technologies have arrived and are transforming the way we live. The world we live in provides us with many possibilities, including instantaneous and real-time communication and access to our information at any moment form anywhere and from any device.

These changes have resulted in an interconnected, global world in which many actors are highly dependent of each other.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Internet of Things will be prepared to hold different positions in multidisciplinary teams, as the course covers many areas, ranging from the programming of sensors and communication elements, to the extraction, interpretation and visualization of Big Data.


Dr. Juan M. Corchado
The Faculty of Science
University of Salamanca

¿Why IoT?

Estamos en un entorno donde lo inteligente va a primar. En el máster buscaba entender y generar equipos multidisciplinares y, en este sentido, el máster ha cubierto ampliamente mis expectativas porque trata todos los conceptos que me van a servir en un futuro.

Román Andrés Bondía
Alumno del Máster en Internet de las Cosas

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Pre-enrolment and enrolment

Application open for 2022/2023
Limited places

1st Period

October 2022 to June 2023

from 3 May
to 19 September 2022

3 to 31
October 2022

2nd Period

February 2023 to December 2023

from 3 May 2022 to
16 January 2023

23 to 31
January 2023

Who is it for?

Master’s degree

It is open to students who hold an official university degree, from Spain or another country, issued by a higher education institution in the European Higher Education Area.

Specialist degree

Students must meet university entrance requirements: They completed a higher degree vocational course (FP2), passed the official Spanish university entrance exam, called PAU, PAEG or the entrance exam for people over 25 and 45 years of age who do not possess an academic degree.

Students will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis until all available places have been taken, provided that the students have the required qualifications and/or proven experience.


Career opportunities

Considerando los diferentes perfiles existentes en el sector al finalizar el Máster estarás capacitado para actuar como especialista en Internet of things ocupando puestos en las áreas como:

  • Coordinador de un grupo de desarrollo
  • Consultor. Numerosas empresas del sector de las telecomunicaciones necesitan de un profesional capacitado en el área de Internet de las cosas, con conocimientos en el área de las comunicaciones entre dispositivos.
  • Programador de los protocolos de comunicación que los dispositivos llevan incorporados para cumplir su finalidad especifica.
  • Desarrollo de proyectos destinados a la automatización de procesos industriales o del sector sanitario de forma que cumplan su cometido de forma más rápida, más precisa y de forma poco invasiva.
  • Analistas de gran cantidad de datos que los dispositivos generan, obtención de conclusiones a partir de ellos.
  • Gestión de redes y servidores empleados por estos dispositivos.

Learning Mode:
Online and Blended

The teaching will take place in on-site laboratories that can be streamed by students in the online mode. These days will be indicated in the calendar of activities.


In the online mode the teaching will be done through our plataforma de formación virtual. The topics will be presented periodically and will include videos, graphic resources, etc. Some of the on-site classes will also be recorded and students will be able to view them on the training platform.

Work placement in companies

Online or on-site internships will be offered to students thanks to our collaboration with the IoT Digital Innovation Hub. This Master collaborates with companies that offer internships to students who are completing their studies, contributing to their professional development. Some of these companies are:

Contact us!

Dr. Juan M. Corchado
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Salamanca

+34 677 522 688

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